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At AlertInform.com, we are committed to protecting your privacy. All of the personal data we receive is kept private and confidential and is protected against unauthorized access. We do not sell or rent your personal information to others.

AlertInform.com may only provide your personal and financial information to third parties if you provide prior consent to the exchange of the information.


At AlertInform.com, during all sales, all of your personal information is protected by the Secure Server Software (SSL) at PayPal.com which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, credit card number) so that it can not be read by anyone over the internet.

**Terms and Conditions**
Data and Information Distribution Services

You must Read the information below before entering the AlertInform Servers or establishing an account with us. It is the sole responsibility of the individual user to ensure they have read and fully understand all the terms and conditions for use of this site.

While honestly attempting to provide secure and reliable facilities and services, AlertInform accepts no responsibility for loss of any data or files that may become damaged, corrupted or deleted through hardware or software failure or that may be accessed by any external sources attempting to hack into our server. Whilst every effort is made to ensure reliability of services, AlertInform cannot guarrantee that all emails will be delivered to their intended recipients, or delivered at the exact time or date that an email task is set to be sent. We ensure that every effort is made by us to provide the highest standard of care and reliability for the services we offer. We encourage good communication between our clients, customers and the AlertInform staff.

The information or files uploaded, stored and distributed from these databases is stored, held and distributed entirely at the users own risk and culpability, as such AlertInform.com accepts no responsibility for any information posted or emailed by users that may infringe any external copyrights, trademarks or legal proceedings or constraints. Every effort is made by AlertInform Servers to ensure material remains within legal constraints, obligations and liabilities. Any infringment reported to us will be fully investigated and action taken to close any account that fails any of the guidelines listed in this document.

You may not use these services for false or misleading advertising or spam mail or for malicious intent to defraud or decieve any of the recipients of your email alerts or viewers accessing your webpage. You may not store or distribute illegal material or files of any kind, or material that is under any jurisdiction or order by a court, legal proceedings or any government agency. You may not use these services to defame an individual or organization. You may not use these services to obtain, store or distribute information falsely or to stalk or harass any individual or organization. You may not use this site in any act against the internal or external interests of any government or country or individual, or company or organization or those interests that may be deemed to be a threat to the security of any government, country, individual, company or organization.

Information uploaded, stored and distributed from this site may not include any illegal pornography of any kind. No exceptions. You may not upload, store or distribute data or software that does not belong legally to you or that you have obtained illegally in any way. You must always be able to show written legally verifiable evidence of full ownership of any of the data uploaded, stored or distributed from any account on these servers. You may not use any other users account for any of the guidelines mentioned in this document.

AlertInform Servers reserve the exclusive right to close any account it deems to have misused or abused the terms and condtions of this site. All decisions are final No reasons will be offered in explanation and no refunds will be given. Frozen accounts may on the owners of the sites descretion be re opened upon proof provided by the user that clearly and legally satisfies the guidelines mentioned in this document. All complaints made against a user will be investigated and their accounts frozen until the matters are resolved.

You must have read and agreed completely and in full with the terms and conditions of these guidelines before using your account. No refunds will be given to people who withdraw their accounts without having read and agreed to these terms or those who misuse or abuse their accounts in any way that AlertInform Servers deems to have been incorrect. We reserve full and complete rights to block, ban, freeze, and remove any material we feel falls outside these guidelines. The user must acknowledge and agree that any legal proceedings that result from their use of our services is entirely at their own risk and responsibility, AlertInform servers accepts no responsibility whatsover for any legal issues arising as a result of use. No compensation will be entered into for damages incurred by an account holder, per session or subscription user's use of the services of this site. We reserve the right to report any illegal activity to the relevent authorities should it come to our attention. All responsibility and culpability resides entirely and exclusively with the individual user. All users of this site must be of a legal voting age. Any account of any user who is later found to be under 18 years of age when they sign up will be removed. You must be 18 years of age or above at the time of signing up for an account to use this site. No Exceptions. AlertInform Servers do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or religious convictions. We are an equal opportunity employer and this extends to our customers as a provider of services to the internet community.

If you do not fully understand, or have not read completely and agreed to all of the terms listed in this document then you must not sign up or use this site under any circumstances. If it comes to our attention that you have not read or do not fully agree and accept the terms of this document, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately with no refunds and no reasons given. No claims for purported physical, mental or emotional injury resulting from the use of these services will be accepted or entered into. We reserve the right to take legal action and to recover funds or costs from a user that may occur from abuse or misuse or illegal use of this site. You must agree that you use this site entirely at your own risk and legal responsibilities. You must agree not to take legal action or seek damages claims or compensation from the owners of this site as a result of using this site or its services or facilities. If you do not agree fully and wholeheartedly with this statement in its entirety and all the guidlelines mentioned in this document, you must leave the site immediately and surrender any other existing accounts you may have with us. If you continue to sign up or use this site without agreeing to all of the guidelines, terms and conditions of this site, you will be deemed to be in breach of them and your account will be removed as soon as we become aware of the breach. Signing up or using this site is taken by us as a direct indication of agreement by you to ALL of the terms and conditions, whether mentioned in full or not, of this site. AlertInform reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice or warnings being sent to existing users. Using this site is taken by us as a direct indication of agreement by the user of our right to change, modify, expand, contract, edit, back date or forward date any of the terms and conditions for use of the services and facilities of this site, including the actions and activities and functions of the owners and all of the staff members and associates involved in running or managing or participating in the functions and activities of this site.

We offer empathy in advance if you find any of these terms and conditions, unacceptable, hard to read or unpalatible and while accepting no repsonsibility for any discomfort experienced from reading the details enclosed herein that you have personally agreed to read by joining this site, we thank you with sincere appreciation for taking the time to ensure that your experience of using this site will be pleasant and productive for all involved. We welcome you and wish you a less arduos experience in using our services. Welcome to AlertInform Services.

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